ONBOARD was founded in 1995 as a B2B sales channel recruitment company and followed this trend until 2005 when it opened another page in its history - Data-driven Sales, Channel & Marketing services.

We evolved into a full-scale business process outsourcing provider with a multi-skilled & multilingual expert team who thrive on creative solutions and are satisfied with no less than lasting impact.

Our philosophy in B2B is to apply intelligence, strategy and innovation to all aspects of our work, which we have done with dedication and success in the past decade. We are proud of having established valuable worldwide partnerships and dependable client relationships with market leaders, exceeding expectations on all sides. Our vision of marketing is one of creativity and expertise. We pioneered sales automation and have executed projects meticulously, whether via traditional, digital or social & emerging channels.

We do our work with confidence and curiosity, developing new skills and contributing to the industry in line with each market shift. Our drive for excellence in business development and business intelligence has helped us stay at the forefront of the CRM revolution. Our B2B services are focused on your clientele to keep your business winning and on course within the current market reality.